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Last year NASA announced to have discovered new exoplanets near the star called Trappist-1 raising to seven the number of them present in that system. A discovery that inflamed the heart of who sees in the space the new frontier of human progress. Yet many scientists question the possibility for humanity to travel in space: these planets will be for us forever unreachable. The images we have of the exoplanets are due to the imaginary of artists more then to direct observations. I wanted to give my own interpretation of how exoplanets could look like.


Fantastic Voyage is an homage to space and to science fiction, mixing Nasa discoveries with Asimov’s stories and creating an entire solar system just with… fruits and vegetables. Objects such as peaches, apples, eggplants turn into planets and mysterious surfaces to explore, resembling aerial photographs. At the same time they seem to be images coming from within the human body, creating a link between micro and macro cosmos and paying homage to the film from which the project title "Fantastic Voyage" is taken.

The project is composed by a series of photographs and a video that can be screen with his own music or as a live performance with live music created by musician Stefano G. Falcone. You can see a fragment of the video down below. The complete piece is about 30 minutes long.


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