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Visions of an alternative, kaleidoscopic and alienating, ancient and futuristic cities. Classical architecture photographs are reinterpreted trasforming buildings into something different, into mirages of a science fiction world. The images are inspired by the mandala, an archetypal figure common to multiple cultures, and they give a sense of movement, creating an almost hypnotic experience.

Mirage is a multimedial and multiplatform project. These images are been developed as a puzzle card game. In addition, the images are presented not only as photographs but also as animated gifs and they are part of a AudioVisual Live performance called “KaleidoCity” with composer Stefano G. Falcone. The complete 45 minutes pieces is a journey in the life of a city, from its roots in nature till the claustrophobic modern buildings. KaleidoCity is pure black and white psychedelia. Obsessive loops and synthesized mantras will transport you in vortexes of sprawling architectures. The performance premiered in Rome at Klang club in March 2020.

Mirage is a project in continuos motion and you will see it evolving here and in many other different ways.

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