Greece, known first of all for its mythology and for being the home of Western civilization, is back at the center of world attention for the economic crisis and the new political situation.


The word crisis means also change and return to the roots, it invites to remember that Europe is a Greek word itself. We all are and always will be Greece.


In this work I’ve mixed the heroes and heroines of mythology with elements of contemporary world and the struggling of young generation to go through the crisis. It’s a real personal interpretation and each one is called to agree with it or to give his or her own one.


The pictures are taken both with analog and digital cameras and they are printed mixing six analogue techniques using sometimes also collage. In the choice of the printing techniques there is also the connection of past and present: the dark room meets Photoshop taking the best from this two worlds.

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© 2020 by Francesco Amorosino. All rights reserved.


Pandora’s Box - We are Greece

Message: Hope against the evils of the world Tecniques: Collage - Background: liquid silver gelatin print on cotton paper; Pandora: iron salt print (cyanotype) on cotton paper The Myth: Pandora’s box was a gift given to the first women by Zeus: a large jar containing all the evils of the world. She was instructed to not open it under any circumstance, but she did so, releasing all the evil, but at the bottom of the box remained the spirit of hope.