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We live in a virtual age, in which the shape of our world is modeled by the computers and no longer by human hands. Commercial products are advertised with virtual representations, landscapes have electronic consistencies, even people start to look like avatars.

In this series of photographs, which in the work title have been defined as "anti-vectorial", I tried to play with the boundary between virtual and real, creating images that are apparently generated by algorithms, but that instead represent tangible objects.


Some banal florist nets have become small clouds of color, elements without a precise shape that can be freely interpreted. The title in English refers to the virtualization of softwares, contents and files on the web in an immaterial cloud that is difficult to visualize. It, however, refers also to the game of seeing shapes in the clouds in the sky.


The concreteness of these elements is unveiled looking closely at the images and also detecting small "mistakes" which are impossible for an element made by a computer. Errors and imagination thus become the instruments of discernment between the vector and the real world.

In addition to the images I also made a piece of videoart together with composer Stefano G. Falcone. The video expand the concept and show strange virtual landscapes. I also created animated gifs of the different clouds using videos. You can see one example here.

This project was selected and published on the 11th number of Hant Magazin Für Fotografie titled "Back to Reality".

viola porpora.gif
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