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At il FotoStudio we organize exhibitions of young authors or students of the courses. Here you have current and past exhibitions.



But I love you
Exhibition​ by photographers Santolo Felaco and Gian Marco Sanna and presentation of the fanzine

Il FotoStudio opens its doors to independent photographic publishing hosting the presentation of the fanzine "But I love you" by the photographers Santolo Felaco and Gian Marco Sanna, members of the collective LISA, the 23rd of February. The exhibition will be in display until March 9th. The meeting will also be an opportunity to talk about the other works of the two authors and to discuss how the book can be an unique means of disseminating images.

"But I love you" is a journey in the color and the happyness of the gay pride in Rome, looking for universal beauty beyond the  stereotypes.

Period: from February 23rd to March 9th - Free admission

Photography exhibit and market
Your presents at il FotoStudio

In this exhibition you will find framed and unframed prints and gift cards for photography classes and individual lessons. 

The 16th of  December from 11 till 21 we'll shoot free family portraits. Our gift for you!

Period: 15th of December - 22nd of December

Free entrance

Fantastic Voyage
An immersion into the cosmos

During Rome Art Week il FotoStudio organizes a special event. 
Fantastic Voyage is a live performance with visions of exoplanets and space music. 

A travel led by photographer and videomaker Francesco Amorosino and musician Stefano G. Falcone. 


Period: 12th of October - 17th of  November

Free entrance

Exhibition of photography courses

Eight photographers show the results obtained in the basic and advanced photography courses. Adventures in exotic places or in desolate landscapes, secret spots in the city, night-time travels, portraits and still life: a wide variety of images to react to exercises and suggestions produced by the lessons.


In the exhibit: Isabella Bagnato, Daniele Cellucci, Martina Gargano, Fabio Tamburini, Pina Inversi, Carla Minio, Pierluigi Nigro, Andrea Tubertini

Period: 20th of July - 10th of September

Free entry

People and places of Nomentano Espero


The title of the exhibition plays with the name of the neighborhood where the FotoStudio is located to tell about its everyday life, the people, the places, the atmospheres and even some secrets. Embraced by Aniene river, the Espero is a small town in the city full of artisans, social places and green spaces where people are often the ones to intervene planting flowers. The river is a place for walking or cycling, but also full of homeless people houses, and institutions are not taking care of it.


Author: Francesco Amorosino
Period: from 21st of April to 16th of June 2017

Time: Mon-Fri 16-20 and on appointment

Free entrance

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