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The year 2016 marks an important anniversary: the end, fifty years ago, of the Index of Forbidden Books of the Catholic Church. For centuries a religious institution has decided what people could read and what should be forbidden, persecuted, destroyed.


My photographic project consists of a series of images of tortures or murders applied to books, according to the methods of the Inquisition: they suffer the fate of their authors. These images, full of disturbing violence, invite us to reconsider our cultural heritage. For this pictures I used my old schoolbooks that I hated sometimes but that now I consider full of precious knowledge.


All the fifteen images are included in an artist book in 21 copies with an unique cover in a box with a small print. Prints are available in three format: 15 x 15 cm edition of 3; 30 x 30 cm edition of 7; 50 x 50 cm edition of 5. The book became an installation for "Uncensored Books" exhibition produced for Belgrade Photo Month. 


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