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Francesco Amorosino organizes photo tours and private lessons of photography both for companies and by his own. Most of the tours are located in Rome, but he can move in accordance with the requests.


Daylight Tour

See the city with new eyes! Choose with Francesco the route you want to follow into the city: do you prefer touristic spots or some unusual neighborhoods? This is your playground, now you can experiment styles and discover how to find the perfect exposure, interesting compositions and the best light and how to give emotions and deepness to your images. 


Night Tour

Everything is different after the sun is gone. Enjoy the blue hour, when the sky has the most powerful color, and then discover how the buildings are lighten and things come out from darkness. Study long exposure pictures and how to use correctly the tripod. Then have fun doing some light paintings!


Pictures of your travel, honeymoon, wedding

Francesco is ready to put his knowledge and art at the service of your special day! If you're in Italy for a travel, an honeymoon or a wedding, he can provides you with amazing photos of the best moments. The best spots of the city are ready to be the background for your memories.








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